The Kandinsky Effect, Pax 6, 2017

Pax 6


Ropeadope Records

“The Kandinsky Effect have not made the best jazz album of the year, nor the best rock album of the year. Whatever it is, it’s still one of the best albums of the year.” – John Garratt, PopMatters

“With Pax 6, Warren Walker (saxophone/synthesizer/effects), Gael Petrina (bass/effects) and Caleb Dolister (drums), offer the most mind-twisting chapter in The Kandinsky Effect‘s sonic evolution.” – Nocturnal Ghost, Igloo Magazine

If Synesthesia was an exploration in identity, and Somnambulist an exercise in composition, Pax 6 is the inevitable evolution of 10 years of touring, recording, traveling, and living a life through the eyes of modern post jazz realization. The Kandinsky Effect know who they are and what they want to share. Pax 6 fully captures their visions of a dark, rhythmic landscape, and presents it carefully and intently.


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