We are in the top 10 this week at KDVS Jazz Top 10!

Crazy list of artists… 🙂
KDVS TOP Ten Jazz Chart/Reported to CMJ
Brent Batty
KDVS Jazz Director/Blues Director/Music Dept.
KDVS 90.3 FM
Davis, Ca. 95616
1. Steve Coleman and the Council of Balance – “Synovial Joints” (Pi Recordings)
2. Kellari Trio – “Kellari Trio” (Edgetone)
3. Schnellertollermeier – “X” (Cuneiform)
4. Chris Potter Underground Orchestra – “Imaginary Cities” (ECM)
5. Ceccato, Babin, Golinski – “Tor” (Edgetone)
6. Soft Machine – “Switzerland 1974” (Cuneiform)
7. Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet – “Intents and Purposes” (Enja)
8. Eli Wallace, Jon Arkin, Karl Evangelista – “Cabbages, Captain & King” (Edgetone)
9. The Kandinsky Effect – “Somnambulist” (Cuneiform)
10. Vijay Iyer – “Break Stuff” (ECM)


The Kandinsky “Whiplashed” Effect

With all the recent clinics at colleges around the country, we’ve decided that we need some bad-ass band director help. So, we would like to announce a new temporary band member – and that member is the band director played by JK Simmons.

Careful, he will throw chairs at talking audience members….




He’s especially hard on Caleb, but we can say the band’s tempos have really been worked on.




Somnambulist receives 4/5 stars and an “Album Pick” at


Thanks for a great review from David Lynch over at

The first minute of “Copalchi Distress Signal,” the opening track on 2015’s Somnambulist, could lead unsuspecting listeners to anticipate that the Kandinsky Effect are about to deliver a full album of avant-leaning, rhythmically charged electronica, as a deep synthy bassline buzzes beneath a tolling bell-like tone and sharp bits of electronic percussion pepper the stereo field. But soon these sounds morph into the driving trio of saxophonist Warren Walker, bassist Gael Petrina, and drummer Caleb Dolister, who — as on their 2013 Cuneiform label debut, Synesthesia — pull electronica into a cutting-edge meld retaining the spirit of creative jazz at its heart.

Kandinsky Effect shines on Somnambulist

Another review on Somnambulist, thanks to Gear Diary. Check it out!

It’s been two years since I reviewed the album Synesthesia by The Kandinsky Effect, heaping praise on it saying “musicianship and communication throughout are stellar, there are free elements without being too far ‘out’, and the trio keeps the modern elements at the forefront without sacrificing the jazz foundation.” Now they are back with Somnambulist … and it’s even better.

Somnambulist Tour Dates

Tour dates for the upcoming The Kandinsky Effect‘s Somnambulist release tour with Gael Petrina and Caleb Dolister. Somnambulist is out nowCuneiform Records!

Mar 2 11pm Rockwood Music Hall-NYC, NY-

Mar 3 – The Rex- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mar 4 – The Rex- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mar 5 – Nighttown-Cleveland, Ohio

March 6 – Cliff Bells-Detroit, MI

March 7 – Cliff Bells-Detroit, MI

Mar 10-Willamette University-Salem, OR

Mar 11-Lewis and Clark- Porttland, OR

Mar 11-Mt. Hood Community College – Porttland, OR

Mar 12-Reno, NV TBA

March 13 University of Nevada, Reno-Reno,NV

March 13 Moody’s-Truckee, CA

March 14 Moody’s-Truckee, CA

Mar 17-Sacramento, CA

Mar 18-Fresno, CA TBA

Mar 19 – Blue Whale-Los Angeles, CA

April 2 Vortex-London, UK

April 3-Le Periscope Lyon, France
April 4th Marseille,France-TBC

April 7-Jazz á Eaubonne

April 8 Alimentation Generale-Paris, France

April 9 KSET Zagreb, Croatia

April 10-MIKK Murska Sobota, Slovenia

April 11-Mladi Jazz Festival Prague, Czech Republic

Somnambulist review from

Somnambulist has another front-page mention, this time for the awesome online magazine Sound Colour Vibration.

Pop on over and take a look at the article. The reviewer, Erik Otis, happens to have first hand experience with both records. It’s kind of cool to see how he compares Somnambulist to our previous album, and recognizes the growth in the band. My personal favorite quote might be this: “Don’t by shy with the volume knob on this one.”