The Kandinsky Effect (Self-Titled), 2010

  1. Intro to Sad Novi
  2. Sad Novi
  3. Photo Book
  4. Patterns
  5. Girl/boy Song
  6. Derniere Demarque
  7. New Year’s Day
  8. Billy Pilgrim
  9. Penguin Parade / So Po Mo Mo
  10. Le Mec
  11. Melodica
  12. Flow



“What do you get when you combine an American saxophonist, a self-proclaimed “total gringo” bassist and a French drummer, playing progressive jazz in Europe? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But The Kandinsky Effect, composed of Warren Walker (saxophone), Gael Petrina (acoustic and electric bass) and Gautier Garrigue (drums), sure as heck blow the roof off the joint trying to figure it out for themselves.

The group’s self-titled release finds it turning a number of seeming roadblocks into advantages, creating an organic, forward-thinking record.”

David Miller – All About Jazz

Best of 2010 (So Far)

The Kandinsky Effect, The Kandinsky Effect (SNP Records). This came out January 1st, and to my mind, it has yet to be bettered; available apparently only as download. Favorite track: “Girl/Boy Song” (track #5)

Alypius – All About Jazz