Check out this great write up from Igloo Magazine on The Kandinsky Effect & “Somnambulist”

Igloo Magazine  just released a great write up about The Kandinsky Effect, and our new album “Somnambulist.”

We’d like to thank Nocturnal Ghost for taking the time to interview us, and help tell the story of how we made this record. It was, to say the least, quite a process….

You can read the entire article by clicking on the screenshot below, or by visiting Oh, and the reason we posted this screenshot? Let’s just say it’s pretty neat to be featured on their homepage right next to the brand new Bjork record!

These guys are all about playing together as a crystallized unit that produces electricity, tension and raw, powerful magnetism; Somnambulist, The Kandinsky Effect’s new album and third overall which was released only a few days ago via the multifaceted Cuneiform imprint, demonstrates it beautifully and more clearly than ever…. The Kandinsky Effect is alive, kicking and bursting with creativity like never before, and I think every adventurous music lover out there should give this very special effect a try.
– Nocturnal Ghost, Igloo Magazine

Kandinsky Effect shares homepage with Bjork on